Top 3 waterfalls in Langkawi look like art from nature, and each drop tells an old story? Let us tell you about this beautiful place in Langkawi!

What makes it so special?

Well if you hear the word rainforest or lush aesthetics, it’s often described as a paradise. But nothing quite compares to the allure of Langkawi’s waterfalls for newcomers. Langkawi is more than just beautiful beaches.

And one of its standout features is the mesmerizing waterfalls. They’re truly enchanting. Imagine standing amidst lush greenery, hearing the gentle rush of cascading waters, and feeling the mist on your face. Langkawi’s waterfalls are a sight to behold!


1. Telaga Tujuh Waterfall (Seven Wells Waterfall)




Seven Wells Waterfall stands out as one of Langkawi’s most mesmerizing natural wonders. A notable highlight is the natural infinity pool situated at the base of the waterfall. While it beckons with its allure, swimmers must exercise extreme caution, as the swift river flow poses a potential risk near the waterfall’s edge.

Revel in the refreshing waters after a trek through the lush rainforest, where the tranquil waterfall awaits amid verdant trees and playful monkeys.

Starting your journey, the lower pools are the initial attraction, accessed by approximately 200 steps. These pools are popular due to their accessibility, offering a clear view of the towering waterfall and featuring a spacious plunge pool nestled beneath a smooth rock surface. For those seeking more adventure, a further ascent of 638 steps leads to the upper pools. Here, the seven distinct pools, each with its own character in terms of depth and size, await exploration. A gently flowing river connects these pools, creating a natural slide over the polished rock.



Mukim, Jalan Telaga Tujuh, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah. Located in the western part of Langkawi, about 25 minutes from Cenang Beach or 45 minutes from Kuah Town.

Situated in the Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park, this waterfall divides into two distinct sections:

The upper and lower pools, with a magnificent 91-meter waterfall separating them.


Operating Hours


Opens daily 8:30 am–7:30 pm

012-570 0104


What’s the recommended route?


Grab taxis are accessible throughout Langkawi. If you find yourself in the bustling tourist hubs of Pantai Cenang or Kuah in Langkawi, make your way towards Pantai Kok. Transportation options like Grab or taxis are readily available for this journey.


From the parking area, your adventure continues on foot. There are two primary routes to view the waterfall. If  seeking a leisurely approach is for you, then taking  a brief walk up the service road from the parking lot offers a clear view of the cascading falls and even access to a serene pool for a refreshing dip.

However, for a more immersive experience, ascend to the waterfall’s peak. You can opt to follow the winding service road or use the stairway from the parking area.

Throughout the climb, helpful signs indicate the remaining steps and elevation. For a safer and more enjoyable trek to the summit, take your time and pace yourself.



Entrance Fee





What to expect at Seven Wells Waterfall?


Upon entering, a prominent sign directs you to the waterfall’s location. Nearby, there are quaint shops offering snacks, and complimentary restrooms are accessible.

Follow the leftward path that winds through the woods until you encounter a staircase. In roughly 10 minutes, you’ll arrive at the foot of the Seven Wells Waterfall.

The waterfall descends around 90 meters, flowing over a vast rock face to merge into a small basin below. While some visitors might be seen diving off cliffs, it’s essential to gauge the water’s depth before attempting such leaps.

For those with stamina remaining, retracing your steps towards the entrance unveils another staircase. Ascending these approximately 600 steps can take between 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your fitness level.

At the summit, you’ll discover seven natural pools ideal for a refreshing swim and relaxation. However, for safety reasons, avoid venturing beyond the marked barriers due to the slippery terrain.

Nearby amenities include a changing area and a picturesque suspension bridge that offers panoramic views of the mountains and the iconic Langkawi Skycab.

The region is also teeming with diverse wildlife, including macaque monkeys, sizable squirrels, and if you’re fortunate, the majestic Great Hornbills with their distinctive large beaks. Towering overhead are centuries-old trees. It’s advisable to pace yourself during this journey, pausing to appreciate the natural beauty. The entire ascent typically spans about an hour.



Recommended time


The ideal time to visit for maximum enjoyment is from January to March, as these months are rain-free and offer abundant sunshine.



Places to Stay near Seven Wells Waterfall


Coconut Beach Villa Langkawi

Villa Abadi Resort

Laman Leman Langkawi


Dining spots near Seven Wells Waterfall


Tapaz Langkawi
The Roof Restaurant
Skycup Bistro


Attractions near Seven Wells Waterfall 


The Langkawi Sky Bridge

Seven Wells Waterfall

Langkawi Cable Car,Pantai Kok Beach

Art in Paradise Langkawi



2. Temurun Waterfall





This waterfall featuring 3 impressive levels that soar 200 meters (656 feet) in the air. A brief 5-minute stroll through a canopy of vibrant trees reveals the breathtaking 39-meter (128-feet) waterfall cascade at its central level.

At the base of this cascade lies a natural rock pool where youngsters frolic in the water and families relax on cool stones, keeping a watchful eye on their snacks to deter playful macaque monkeys.

Daring locals and adventurous tourists ascend a rugged rock stairway, absent of any handrails, to reach an elevated pool. Here, another inviting pool beckons swimmers. It’s the perfect spot to admire the serene cascade as it descends from the slopes of Gunung Machinchang, Langkawi’s second-highest peak.


Its famous as Langkawi’s highest waterfall. It gracefully descends the northern face of Mount Mat Cincang, a geological marvel primarily composed of ancient sandstone and shale, dating back over half a billion years.




161, Jalan Datai, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah. Located within Mat Cincang Nature Park in Datai


Operating Hour


Opens daily ( 7 am–7 pm )

Phone: 013-420 6303



What to expect at Temuru Waterfall?






Upon reaching the area, you’ll see a lot of macaque monkeys near the waterfall. The first level of the waterfall is close to the main road. It’s only a 5-minute walk from the parking area. To reach the top part of this first level, visitors can use a paved path. This path is made of cement and goes through a dense forest.

The pathway has a railing on one side, which adds a nice touch and makes the walk feel more romantic or scenic. While some parts of the path are steeper, the overall direction is uphill.

There’s a pond near the waterfall where people can swim or bathe. The pond isn’t very deep, but it’s suitable for enjoying the water. Additionally, some visitors and locals also enjoy scuba diving from a nearby cliff into the water at Temuru Waterfall. Visitors can anticipate a scenic walk through the forest to reach a waterfall with a nearby pond suitable for swimming, and there’s also an option for scuba diving in the area

What is the recommended route?


You can park on the street near the waterfall for free. Also, there’s a bigger parking area across the road that you can use.

You can park your scooter or motorbike for free on the street nearby.

Grab car
Rideshare drivers will drop you off at the main entrance. But be careful because it might be hard to find a driver to pick you up later since the place is quite far away from the city.


Not all taxi/grab drivers know exactly where the waterfall is. But if you ask them to take you to the Datai resort, you’ll see signs for the waterfall as you go. The waterfall is on the left side of the road, and the entrance is right by the road. Across the road, there’s a little store where you can get a drink or a snack.


Entrance Fee




Places to Stay near Temurun Waterfall


Berjaya Langkawi Resort
The Datai Langkawi
Hideout Langkawi


Recommended Time To Visit





Dining spots near Temurun Waterfall


The Pavilion

Arts Cafe Langkawi

The Beach Club & Beach Bar

Jala Seafood Restaurant

Wonderland Food Stall

Banana Nyonya Restaurant


Attractions near Temuru Waterfall


Pasir Tengkorak Beach
Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi
Seven Well Waterfalls
The Sky Bridge





They do offer extensive parking spaces for your convenience. Nonetheless, for an optimal dining experience, it’s best to pack your preferred snacks and drinks. Although there are on-site dining options, they might be somewhat limited.




3. The Durian Perangin waterfall 





The Durian Perangin waterfall descends from the top of Gunung Raya, the tallest mountain in Langkawi, and gets its name from the tall Durian trees that are indigenous to the area.

Surrounded by dense jungle, this picturesque picnic spot features a sequence of waterfalls and rock pools. The waterfall itself comprises 14 gradual levels, which visitors can explore using a network of pathways and bridges.

For thrill-seekers, you can look at the ascending  200-meter-long steep stairs to the topmost tier , which reveals a powerful vertical cascade and a spacious rock platform perfect for sunbathing. You can enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool and position themselves beneath the cascading water for a rejuvenating experience.

In Malaysia, the Durian fruit holds a special place, often referred to as the “king of fruits” due to its unique taste. However, its pungent aroma, which can be off-putting to some, is frequently a memorable experience for first-time travelers encountering it.




07000 Langkawi, Kedah. Just 14 kilometers north of the bustling tourist area of Pantai Cenang.


Operating Hours


Opens 24 hours



Entrance Fee




Recommended time to visit


June – November



What’s the recommended route?



Price: Free
Mid-sized parking lot available at main entrance.


Free parking for scooters and motorbikes in main parking lot.

Drivers pick up and drop off at main entrance.


What to expect


After taking a brief swim in the natural rock pool at the topmost tier of the waterfall, ascend the steps further to reach the summit of Gunung Raya, the highest mountain in Langkawi.


Near the entrance, there’s a 200-meter ascent that leads to the waterfall’s highest point. Is it worth the climb?
Definitely! There’s a 200-meter trail that goes up to the top of the waterfall. Along the way, you’ll come across several smaller waterfalls and pools. And the cool part is that each of these smaller falls and pools gives you a different view or perspective of the main Durian waterfall. It’s like a series of natural wonders within a bigger wonder. Should definitely check it out!

They have these shelters and pavilion-like structures where you can sit and relax. Imagine having your lunch with the sound of the waterfall in the background. It’s a great place to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones.

This area has an activity where you navigate through canyons using various techniques like climbing, jumping, and swimming. At Durian Perangin, they have organized tours where professionals guide you through the experience.



Dining spots near Durian Perangin waterfall 


Booths offering snacks such as chips, ice creams, and beverages can be found in the parking area. The nearest group of eateries and food stalls is situated near Ayer Hangat Village, just a short 3-5 minute drive from the location.


Attractions near Durian Perangin waterfall 


Kilim Geoforest Park
Langkawi Skybridge Cable Car
Langkawi Skybridge





They have provided all the necessary amenities like well-kept restrooms are available for your comfort and convenience, allowing you to refresh yourself during your stay. If you need to change into swimming or hiking attire, they have maintained changing rooms are here to assist.

arking won’t be an issue as they offer ample parking spaces. However, for a more personalized and satisfying dining experience, it’s best to bring your preferred food and drinks. While the food choices on-site are limited, having your own selection ensures a tastier and more tailored meal.



Tips on visiting the waterfall areas


Don’t feed monkeys as they may become aggressive

Don’t climb on the rocks or jump into the natural pools

Recommend to bring own bottled mineral water & snacks.

Wear proper comfortable shoes.

The 3-Tiga restaurant near the car parking lot provides local Malay food at affordable prices.

Its advisable to keep your  valuables and cash tucked in a safe place and always carry a copy of their ID. Theft and burglary are common.

Please ensure the area remains tidy and refrain from discarding plastic bottles and trash.



Additonal fees


Motor rent: RM 50 (US$ 11.50) per day

Parking charge : Car  RM 2  for cars or RM 1 (US$ 0.23) for motorbikes

Grab from Cenang Beach, which set about RM 22 (US$ 5.05) give ultimate the explore Langkawi with all beauty of nature.






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