Mode of Payment

LANGKAWISKY accepts credit and debit cards Visa and MasterCard upon online booking. Third party credit cards
are not accepted. The credit card presented must be in the name of the authorized renter. LANGKAWISKY reserves
the right to refuse its car rental services if this term is not met. Bank transfer is allowed.

Cancellations Policy and Refund

If renter cancel their reservation within 7 to 3 days prior to their more than a week before the rental
starts, they will get a full refund. If renter cancel less than 48 hours before the rental starts, they won’t
get any refund.


Should the renter wish to extend the rental, appoint any additional drivers, amend pick up or return
location, it is compulsory to advise LANGKAWISKY immediately to facilitate the extension of insurance
coverage. Fail to notify and payment will effect with a penalty


The renter shall pay the following charges :
The rental charges and other optional charges at the rates shown on the rental agreement.
Any charges for loss or damage resulting from non-compliance
A refueling charge due to insufficient fuel tank upon return (RETURN)
On demand, all fines and court cost for parking, traffic or other offenses (including any costs which
arise if the vehicle is clamped or towed). The Renter must pay the appropriate authority any fines and
cost failing which, the Renter shall be responsible to pay LANGKAWISKY an administration fee of
Ringgit Malaysia Twenty (MYR20.00) when LANGKAWISKY deals with these matters.
On demand, the full cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle if it is damaged or stolen (even if it is not
the Renter’s fault). The Renter may not have to pay the whole of the cost of repairing or replacing the
vehicle if the Renter has accepted LANGKAWISKY Liability Reduction Option.
On demand a loss of income charges. LANGKAWISKY will charge the Renter at the contracted rate if
LANGKAWISKY is unable to rent out the vehicle on the grounds it needs to be repaired or is a total
loss and LANGKAWISKY is waiting to receive full payment of the vehicle’s value. LANGKAWISKY
shall not charge the Renter for more than 30 days loss of income. The renter shall also be liable to a
charge for any diminution in value of the vehicle on resale as a result of damage to the vehicle during
the rental period.
On damage any charges made by the authorities as a result of a seizure.
Any rates for delivering and collecting the vehicle which LANGKAWISKY will set from time to time.
On demand LANGKAWISKY costs including legal fees where permitted by law, incurred in collecting
payments due from the Renter hereunder.
Value added tax and all other taxes and levies on any of the charges listed above, as appropriate.