Lake of Dayang Bunting

Dayang Bunting-The Nature Lake at Langkawi


This lake is indeed very mysterious among the residents themselves. Shape of Tasik Dayang Bunting itself shows the body of a woman lying down with a child in her womb. There are several versions that are told, and this is one of them.

The History of Lake


Several hundred years ago there was a genie named Mambang Sari sitting on Langkawi Island. Every day Mambang Sari and her maids go to play in a place called Pasir Telok Ayer Tahun. One day, while they were enjoying themselves on the island’s sandy beach, a genie named Mat Teja saw them, and Mat Teja fell in love with Mambang Sari. But Mambang Sari did not know at all that Mat Teja loved her.

After playing in Pasir Telok Ayer Tahun, Mambang Sari and her maids went to bathe in Telok Lawak. Each time Mat Teja followed from afar because he did not dare to say his love to Mambang Sari. Going to Telok Ayer Tahun, Mat Teja must pass through a place called Diang. So, in this place lives an old man named “Tuk Diang”.

One day when he passed by, Tuk Diang asked Mat Teja where he wanted to go. Mat Teja answered, he wanted to follow Mambang Sari because he had fallen in love with her, but he did not dare to go close.

Tuk Diang Mat Teja

Tuk Diang gave him a tip, take a bamboo tube, go for a walk on the beach at low tide, then fill the mermaid’s tears with the bamboo tube in a place called Telok Kahar. When you get the mermaid’s tears, wash your face with it when you see Mambang Sari.

Mat Teja was also like the one advised by Tuk Diang and did not miss a single thing. He walked along the beach and reached Telok Kahar at low tide. Then he saw a mermaid sitting on a rock and her tears fell down her face because the tide had left her, and she could not return to the sea.

When Mat Teja saw the mermaid sitting on a rock, he did not hesitate to open his belt where the bamboo tube was hanging and wipe the mermaid’s tears. When he got it, he immediately returned to Telok Lawak. So here he found Mambang Sari enjoying himself. Mat Teja wasted no time wiping his neck and face with the mermaid’s tears. When Mambang Sari saw Mat Teja’s face she fell in love with him.

Dayang Bunting Finally ….

In the days that followed they in love, but not in the same place. Sometimes they meet on land and sometimes at sea. Not long after that Mambang Sari became pregnant and returned to a place called Dayang Beranak to give birth to her child. Seven days after giving birth, her son died. Because this princess was very sad and disappointed by the incident, she buried her son’s body in the water of this lake. After that, he left the earth and returned to heaven.

There is also another opinion which states that the child born to Mambang Sari died and was buried in this Tasik before turning into a crocodile that acted as a guardian. Another crocodile is said to be the incarnation of Mambang Sari’s husband, and both are responsible for guarding this lake from any unwanted things. The princess has conjured the water of the lake as a cure for couples who do not have children and it is believed that barren women can become fertile again.

Thing to do in Lake


Island Hopping Package  (Swimming and Snorkelling)

While at here, you are  allowed to swim when u come for Island Hopping package . The water flow is calm. Its perfect for those of you who want to refresh yourself outside with a swim. There are already life jacket rental places where you can go to increase your safety while in the lake water, especially if you are not an expert swimmer. Because the lake is deep enough.

In addition to swimming, you can also do snorkelling at the same time. This is very exciting news especially for those who have a hobby of diving. For that one activity, Lake of Dayang Bunting is highly recommended because the underwater scenery is very beautiful. Here, you will find small fish and other beautifully preserved marine biota. There is no need to bring your own snorkel equipment, as there are also places to rent here.

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